Halo displays

We talk of a halo display or phenomenon when at least five types of halos are visible at the same time. Such halo displays can he very spectacular, so that many people become aware of them. Sometimes it looks as if the whole sky is full of rainbows. In the past, such displays were interpreted as a sign of God. But even nowadays very few people know that they are watching a halo display.

Halo displays are very rare. If one is lucky, he or she can see 3 or 4 halo displays a year, with in most cases not more than 5 to 8 types of halos being visible at the same time. Even an experienced observer will see a really great display with more than 10 types of halos only once every few years in our regions If you bear in mind that such great displays often dc not persist for more than one hour, it becomes clear how unique observations of this kind are.

In Antarctica, every year voluminous halo displays are observed. There the air is very clear so that the halos are hardly reduced in brightness. Additionally, the low temperatures are favourab1e for the formation of freezing fog1 which also can generate impressive phenomena.

Perhaps you have also seen or even photographed a halo display. We are very interested in such observations. If you want to tell us about your observation, please app1y to Wolfgang Hinz.

Some of our best halo displays

Halo phenomena in our image archiv: