Hildegard von Bingen - Were her visions actually halos?
by Mark Vornhusen

Representation of the first vision in “Liber divinorum operum“.

The upper wings are equal to the Party arc. The wings below are equal to the upper tangent arc. The figure is formed by the upper and the lower sun pillar. The lamb in his hand is the sun and the snake beneath his feet is the 22°-ha1o together with the lower tangent arc.
Hildegard von Bingen was born in 1098 on the farm Bermersheim near Alzey. In order to remind of her 900th birthday, in 1998 various exhibitions and lectures took place and also the media reported on Hildegard‘s life. The centre of Hildegard‘s life was formed by lights that she saw in the sky again and again. She interpreted them as visions sent by God and described them in her books.

After 1 had already come to the conclusion that St. John of Jerusalem‘s revelation can be led back upon a halo display, I began to examine also Hildegard‘s books on halos. Already at first sight it became clear that in her visions there are lots of parallels to halos.

Halos are geometrical shapes in the sky which are caused by refraction and reflection of sunlight from ice crystals. So halos are just made of light. At rare occasions they can reach a dazzling brightness.

There are so many visions in Hildegard‘s books that it will take several months to make an analyze of them. On these pages, the first results are to be published. I am going to start with her book “Liber divinorum operum”. First I will cite the respective vision and then I will explain which type of halo it might have been. Later 1 will also examine her book “Scivias” (Know the ways) on halos.
Liber divinorum operum
The book “Liber divinorum operum” consists of 10 visions and the book “Scivias” contains 26 visions.