Liber divinorum operum - Second vision
by Mark Vornhusen

The human shape inside the red circle (22°-halo) is a combination of an upper and a lower sun pillar together with the parhelic circle (arms reaching out). Below the circle the feet are also visible. This is the lower tangent arc.
“And then a wonderfully looking wheel appeared right in the chest of the figure I mentioned above, and that I had viewed in the southern air. There were signs in it which made it similar to that one I saw 28 years ago, and which at that time had the shape of an egg, just as it has been described in the third Vision of the book "Scivias". On its uppermost part, around the curvature of the egg, appeared a circle of bright fire and below the circle appeared another one made of black fire. The bright circle was twice as wide as that one consisting of black fire. And these two circles merged in a way as if they formed just one circle. Under the circle of black fire appeared another one made of pure ether, which was as wide as the two other ones together. Under this circle of ether there was another one visible which looked as if it was made of air full of moisture and which in its circumference had the same density as the bright circle of fire. Under this circle of air containing moisture there appeared another one made of strong white and clear air, which looked as hard as a sinew in the human body. It had the same density as the circle of black fire. These two circles also merged in a way that they seemed to be one. And under this strong white and clear air there finally appeared another thin layer of air which from time to time seemed to carry high and thin, but sometimes also dark and low clouds upwards and which seemed to extend about this whole circle. All these six circles were connected without any gaps. The light of the uppermost circle flowed through all the other spheres while the one with the moist air dampened all the other ones with its moisture.”

At first sight this Vision seems to be very sophisticated. You have to imagine it that way that Hildegard sees several spheres of circles which are situated close to each other ("All these circles were connected without any gaps"). The six circular spheres describe the 22-halo and the space inside the 22-halo. So there is only one type of halo described.

  1. Circle of bright air; white outer rim of the 22-halo
  2. Circle of black fire: red inner rim of the 22-halo
  3. Circle of pure ether: Outer part of the space surrounded by the 22-halo
  4. Circle of moist air: Space inside the 22-halo
  5. Circle of strong white and clear air: Bright area around the sun
  6. Thin layer of air: carrier of clouds

“From the point where the eastern part of the wheel began, a line extended to the north and further until to the end of the western part, which almost cut off the northern zone from the other areas. Furthermore, in the middle of the sphere with the thin air, a ball was visible which had an equal distance from the strong white and shining air to all sides. The diameter of the ball was equal to the depth of the space between the uppermost part of the first circle and the outermost clouds, or it extended from the distance of the clouds to the altitude of this ball.”

The line that begins at the eastern side of the wheel is the parhelic circle which was visible over the northern part of the sky up to the west. The ball was in the centre of the sphere with the thin air (space inside the 22-halo). So the ball can on only have been the sun itself.

Illusively a cross of light
can be seen here.
“In the middle of this gigantic wheel appeared a human. The top of his head projected upward, his toes reached down to the sphere of the strong white and shining air. On the right there were the finger tips of the right hand and on the left there were the ones of the left hand. Both reached out towards the curvature of the circle forming a cross. Just like this he also reached out his arms.”

The human is formed by the combination of an upper and a lower sun pillar with the parhelic circle (arms). These halos together form a cross of light with the sun in its centre.

“In the direction of these four sides four heads appeared: the head of a leopard, and the ones of a wolf, of a lion and of a bear. Over the top of the human, in the sphere of pure ether, I saw at the head of the leopard how it blew its breath from its mouth (...)”

The four heads are the two sundogs and the bright area between the upper tangent arc and the Parry arc (The leopard blowing its breath) and the very bright spot at the lower tangent arc.