Halosky Download

Halosky is a useful tool for your halo observations. It shows sun and moon position for the lokal sky. If you press a key, a halo-simulation corresponding to the current position of sun or moon is shown. This program does not calculate the simulation, it only shows an image of the simulation. Halosky contains:

Halosky is freeware. It is a MS-DOS program so you can run it on small computers (286er) and also on Pentium and Pentium II computers. Your graphic must be able to show 256 colours. If you have problems please mail to: Mark Vornhusen


I've diveded Halosky in 6 parts, because the provider of this homepage seems to limit the size of zip files. Download all 6 parts and unzipp the files. Copy all files in the same directory and start "halosky.exe".

For a quick test, if Halosky runs on your PC correctly, download only the main program and start halosky.exe. If you get no error massage, you can download the simulations. Of course the halo-mode will not work without the simulations.

Main Program
59.5 KB
Simulations 0-20°
438 KB
Simulations 22-40°
472 KB
Simulations 42-60°
521 KB
Simulations 62-80°
486 KB
Simulations 82-90°
219 KB