Tricker's anthelic arc

EE 57

Crystal orientation:
main axes horizontal
Path of light:
many possibilities
f.e. 3-1-5-7-4 / 3-5-6-7-3
very rarely
Picture Trickers anthelic arc
Anthelion and Tricker's anthelic arc in stratocumulus clouds. Taken on 2/23/2006.
Foto: Alexander Wünsche, Görlitz (Germany)


Tricker's anthelic arc forms a loop above the sun with the two extensions extending so far that they end below the anthelion. At low sun elevations the brightest parts of this arc can look like an "X" at the anthelic point. The arc is very faint and can be seen at very few occasions only.



Tricker's anthelic arc is caused by horizontally orientated column-shaped ice crystals. Here several light paths are possible. Each of them has several reflections of light inside the crystal.