EE 35

Crystal orientation:
at random
Path of light:
very rarely
Picture 24° halo
The picture shows a 24°-halo. Furthermore there are:
22°-halo, parhelia, upper tangent arc, left upper 24°-lateral bow
Photo: © Claudia Hetze, Chemnitz, 04/03/98


A 24°-halo is a white ring of light with a radius of 24° around the sun. It often appears together with other halos caused by pyramid-shaped ice crystals. As it lies very near to the 22°-halo it can often be recognized only by the unusual width of the 22°-halo and/or by the double sequence of the spectral colours or at least of its red part.

Simulation of pyramidal halos.
Grafik: W. Tape; Atmospheric Halos; S. 89; Am. Geophysical Union; 1994


A 24°-halo is caused by randomly orientated pyramid-shaped ice crystals. The path of light can be seen in the diagram above.